Construction Premium Unit

With a hot water sink and flush tank

This is a portable toilet with a hot water sink and re-circulating flush tank. This unit meets the Ministry of Labour guidelines requiring hot water on-site. The heated sink has a 1250 watt heater with a stainless steel shroud and tamper resistant thermostat and a float with automatic shut-off. It does require hydro on-site to operate. The sink is GFCI protected and is CSA inspected.

Exterior Height91 in / 231 cm
Interior Height82 in / 208 cm
Exterior Width43.5 in / 110cm
Interior Width41 in /  104 cm
Exterior Length47 in / 119 cm
Interior Length41 in / 104 cm
Holding Tank60 gal / 227 L
Seat Height19 in / 48 cm

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